Good Feelings and the Research for the Refined


pen&ink drawing "the studio"

Been busy with a lot of extra time in the studio,working, drawing and dreaming as I finally feel the end to a very productive and exhausting time this past summer. Part of my time has focused on a program run through the artist association that I am affiliated with which dedicates itself to the Summer residencies of visiting artist from the East Coast and other parts of the US. I was elected chair to this year’s round of artists, a non compensation job of giving back to the art community in which I work .

As I found myself in the same situation several years back, in this program, I was able to try out my ideas,monitor my work to a new audiences, and modify my diverse directions  in order to sell more and create  a larger following of art lovers, clients and new smaller niche markets.

Now looking back, I have met some wonderful visiting artists, exchanged views and opinions on my work and theirs and have a better sense of how vast the artist community has evolved in good and bad ways,and the interaction with new creative spirits as we discuss the importance of social media seems to take a key part to our already full work day and week.

For my own point of  Creative strife, a certain amount of satisfaction comes knowing that what I have produced, has become a steady flow of income even in these hard times, and trying to keeps walls and shelves full of work that has become more intricate and pricy and at the same time placing some more affordable work as well…… But the sale of more expensive items continues to re-occur more often……how is this possible, you might ask?

Simple, with all that is going on online and off, the research for a more refined art market has steadily grown. Less in quantity do they seek, art consumers that is, and a more discerning views of what is out there looking for the best and not the mediocre . Quality versus quantity is finally taking hold in my little studio and the small exhibitions locally. The art lover community is finally choosing  good work that is not necessarily based on the price, but on creative strife that sets it apart from the monotony of the mediocre…..

I still continue to believe that the importance of small art to the young art collectors is still important. Focusing on the growing number of art enthusiasts that live in small flats in trendy areas and the amount that they are willing to spend. As their income grows, so does their desire for good original art that is not always reproductions but small formatted art that fits in to their daily life environment.

Not everyone lives in a Mc mansion, and the downsizing trend is continuing worldwide.

I hope that all of you reading this understand that the empathy and artist sensitivity a creative person must use is to understand their clients and learn to understand that it is not about your world but how your art or artistic expression fits into their worlds. A good point to think about….

Trying to be better at putting out the blog with more frequency but there are so many hours in a day and too many thoughts in my head, until next time ,Peace out

Never Any Time to Blog

It seems that work has taken over most of my time and the dedication to my blog and followers has taken a back seat,in order to get my work done, take a new directions in the combination of illustration and ceramics and I now realize that the the words that I once wrote which were the basis for my thought process, are now dedicated to other social media platforms.

For this I am sorry to my followers and hope to have better discipline in balancing between visual imagery and written words….

My creative efforts have taken off and my next steps are how to bring into reality of a bigger audience,online store and all that it takes, to make a business more lucrative. The down side is the incredible amount of back office, shipping and commission work that comes with the growing business.

My thoughts are still not clear on which option suits my needs at the moment and how to proceed and rationalize what is right for me as a maker, and who I can grow the business without all getting out of control. Will keep you all posted just need more than 24 hours a day to even start to get the list of the things that I need to get done…..

the Sound of Online Silence

pen&ink drawing "pullman 90"

Sorry to all for the long silence from my blog for the last several months but have had to deal with a lot of my family issues which have kept me from having a clear mind to sit down and write to all of my followers. My Instagram has been getting more dedicated time as I try and deal with work,getting my mindset back into a proper mode to work on the many aspects of the business both online and off.

As I use my state of mind, the emotions to drive my work ,I sometimes feel that as if all is growing a bit too fast and my mind is split in more directions than before. Yes, media presence is growing to be more important with our creative process, but too many spend their energies in this direction and less in a more creative sense of artistic development of style, product and imagery to help expand our horizons and business…

For myself, I have decided to sit back and place only essential information and inspiration on my blog to those of you that follow and use the visual imagery of Instagram (@the_horny_potter) to fulfill the day to day updates of what I am working on at the moment.

As the holidays near,and commissions continue to be knocked out one after the other, I am fortunate to say that my following has grown and sales have been good. I am concentrating on making new prototypes, and using new materials to keep my followers interested in what I do and continue to inspire the followers with new products at an affordable price. Prices has gone up due to increase in shipping and gas prices so my prices out of consequence have risen slightly.

My aim is to make affordable handmade items for what I deem is affordable price. I am going back into my illustrations in black and white (see image above) to make original small format pieces for the holidays. My apprehension in making reproductions has kept me on the fence for too long. I see, as many of my fellow artisans have chosen to follow the reproduction route, that after a while this is all that they sell and the originals remain in their studios or stores. I have decided that artistic integrity and original art is: my road to follow. And will pursue this route of original art work though it is more difficult road to follow. We all want to inspire and have our work bought and hung in the home or studios of our followers, I hope to  concentrate a smaller group of artistic followers that crave original art versus artistic” reproductions”. Less sales maybe from the start ,but I am able to attract a group of individuals where original art and handmade is important aspect to their creative choices.

This is the road that I have chosen and maybe not for everyone,To each is own,we all are different and based on what we create and the affordability of our creative efforts need to make decisions are best for our business . All for now, sorry once again that it has been to long since my last entry……