collaborations with others

UG dogtags

hello again,wanted to post a artistic collaboration with another artist, kim joy,stain glass artist  and i have been collaborating together for some time now by trying to bring the expertise of two disciplines together to create new and exciting projects and products for our upcoming holiday show in december 2015. i wanted to create a line of unisex collection of jewelry with the use of ceramics while mixing it with another element that would continue with my line of bo-ho chic accessories that were sort of carefree and reminded me of military dog tags with a twist. (above) i snapped a pic of the initial pieces put together in collaboration with kim, and have yet to finish them completely. i need to add some element of antique trade beads or ethnic charms to give them that peculiar boho vibe. they will be on sale at the del ray artisans holiday market during a particular weekend in december. stay tuned in for more info on exact place n time. my aim is to make a series of well made, but affordable gifts for the holidays that are geared to the unisex side of accessories. great for guys and girls alike. to mix and switch out for a unique handmade  present for the holidays. next blog, will be talk about the line of antique trade beads that i have been making while watching the sports channel working late into the night . boho still, but with a higher price point……stay tuned 4 more

from ceramics to sewing

working on the second sail project 1

every now and then, when I feel a lack of inspiration with the things that i do with my ceramics, i shift mediums and concentrate on a different direction : sewing , which has a whole different set of restrictions and rules to follow and  continue on a project that is a never ending, ongoing adventure that I started on a whim.  an italian friend and skipper asked me to come up with an idea for the sails of his sailboat when they were changed and in state of dis-use. the” second sail project” was born . a little over 3 years ago, and has been continuing ever since. (above) is a picture of a new sail acquired from a fellow artist that i unwrapped and slowly started to cut up and make a new series of useful up-cycled materials, sails ,tarps and other nylons and straps used on boats and in shipping. the concept was a series of guy-inspired accessories that were durable and handmade . i have started a series of tote bags and shoppers and some new smaller accessories with a maritime style with the use of these nautical materials.  this project is very close to my heart trying to reduce my carbon footprint and up-cycle as much as possible to make new products that can sustain the wind, rain and wear and tear of my hauling around everything from artist materials to my weekly groceries.  art does not always have to be creative but sometimes can be  functional. products used everyday making me feel good about myself by sharing a concept of up-cycling products that are no longer used for their primary purposes. by re-inventing new ways to use all the materials and make them into new still-useful things for our common day to day existence. my aim is to make a small production for an upcoming show that i will doing in December 2015 with the Del Ray Artisans holiday market.  i will plan to launch these accessories. moderately priced under $60 durable products made by hand and well-made.  i hope this inspires other creative people to learn to search the web for new up-cycled materials to used for the creative re-purposing. (below) is a picture of the 35ft sail that i cut apart on the floor which had the biggest amount of space to lay out and decide the piece of choice material to utilize.

2nd sail pro 2

stay tuned for more posts on the new products i am making for the upcoming del ray artisans  show.