bohemian baubles with a history

mala and trade bead necklaces by marcel artes deolazo 2015

wanted to send show you what i have been working on for an upcoming holiday sale this coming weekend, see link ) and wanted to give you a glimpse into the style that i am presenting. “boho-globetrotter” a fusion of ethnic and antique trade beads bought on my travels and made for the bohemian traveler in all of us. a different direction from the mass market of the jewelry in most stores and online, i am trying to put a bit of my travels and their inspirations into my designs.  for example, i have made some new versions of  mala : prayer beads with usually 108 beads divided into 1,2,4,6 0r 8 groups of 27 beads used in meditation. some refer to them as “worry beads” which you roll around in your hand  as you meditate. i have used a mixture of antique trade beads acquired in my travels and mixed them with hill tribe silver and hand knot each bead so that it stays in place. a newer version of bohemian and ethnic influences… i made them because my thought that everyone need to believe in something,  and think that it is appropriate for my view on style. trade beads were used as an exchange for good and services and a sort of monetary  means for payment. i have encounter them in asia, africa and europe . i continue to search for  places  that deal in trade beads and have the same passion. it isn’t the easiest thing to find and they can and continue to be increasingly pricey. but the attraction of the history and voyages that these beads have traveled and will continue to travel is what it is all about. hope my holiday clients are into this point of view of embellishment…..



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