New start, New Year, New Direction

It has been quite a busy and industrious past year and I am glad to say that It is over. Today is the first time that I have spent away from the studio and cleaned and begun to organize my home studio space.

At the end of each year, after the shows and sales of the holiday season I always take a look at the amount of chaos and clutter that I have left untouched since the beginning of the holidays. It is amazing to me, how much we collect in the form of clutter and useless objects that we think we are going to use, and yet I have accumulated piles of empty boxes and left things at home in heaps of “I will deal with this later” and finally I dedicated one entire rainy day to stay home and sort, clean and organize my home studio for the upcoming year.

At the start of each creative Year, I begin to assess what of my work was successful and the others that were not. As artists we are our own worst enemy and being critical of our own creative output is vital to know the real distinction between what is popular and what we personally like to create. My aim, as I did the cleaning today, was to see what, in my mind, is profitable and what needs to be tweaked or entirely eliminated. This, in order to move forward in one or more directions. Too many artists like to stroke their egos by continuing on the same line that they have always done and do not put any or little energy in how to continue with their work in order to satisfy their patrons and followers. Patrons and followers will not continue to to buy the work if it is always the same and will look for other artists who are willing to  bring new inspiration to their work by means of format, evolution of style and naturally PRICE. I frequently ask, when I view other artists work if they sell well. When they reply “no”, and continue to make the same type of art to continue not to sell, this puzzles me about the lack of perspective.

In a time, when the change in the air politically and socially. We as artist, need to focus on this change of events to bring out other sides of our creative selves.  Do not hesitate to create something dramatically diverse from what you have always done. It  is more important to face the challenge and change your work, but more importantly see and hear the reaction to this new direction from others. We, as creative spirits, are at the mercy of our patrons, followers and new clients in order to pay for our artistic strife. Life of an artist is difficult,to be continually  inspired in order to create. Especially in a time like this, where there is so much unrest and tension in the air of the things that will come.

In another blog entry “The Dark Series” my mood was too create darker images and versions of my work and have to say that I was able to channel my frustrations into something that was accepted with great enthusiasm and more importantly, GREAT sales.

As this year starts, I am planning to use the successes and failures of the last year in order to move forward and I have chosen some quite radical forms of artistic expression for 2017. I hope that you will continue to follow me and I hope that all of you will be able to choose your roads to creativity and be happy with your decisions.

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summer sublet at the Torpedo Factory Art Center

still life blog pic2

Hey everyone! sorry that it has been a while since my last blog entry but been busy at moving and preparing for a summer sublet at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in studio #316 that I will share a studio space with a brilliant Glass Artist, Lea Topping. Her space is quiet and with a magnificent view which doesn’t help me concentrate on my work but has wonderful natural light.

Along with other artists that were juried into the Art Center this year in 2016, Catherine Hancher, Michael Fischerkeller, Naomi Christianson and I hope that the our summer stint will help build a followings for our artistic endeavors. My hours will be Friday to Monday for the most part and I am working hard on making the studio my temporary work space for the summer.

(Above) is a picture of some of my larger works that helped get juried into the Art Center along with a couple of private pieces that I kept for my private collection. On the backdrop is an old collage of work done during my years of fashion. The tones work well with my work and like the overall composition of the collage.

A lot has been going on since my last entry, and have been mainly been collaborating with another artisan on a new ceramic project and upcoming show. Will post more pictures and my work progress from the studio in future blog entries, I promise to try to be better at blogging more during this summer to show some of my work processes and new ideas that I will be working on.

Come and visit me and check out my space:

Torpedo Factory Art Center

105 North Union Street studio#316

Friday- Monday from 11-6 pm

for appointments please email me at

visiting artist program summer 2014

assemblage of many medias to help stimulate the creative energy


well everybody, it is official, i have been accepted into the visiting artist residency for the the summer 2014 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in their Visiting Artist Program ( and i am trying to get inspired and motivated for the challenge set before me……the picture that i have put on this blog entry is from my photo archive which hung in my studio home in italy (now memories of the past) which is a collage of images from my photographer friends ,in the midst of some pieces of my ceramics and illustration sketches as well a assemblage of stickers,magazine pages and memorabilia which help me get inspired….

i hope that you will come and visit me this summer at the Torpedo Factory where for the month of june 2014 , i will be on the 3rd floor in the studio of a fiber artist in studio 329 and during july and august 2014  will be on the ground floor in  the studio of a sculptor in studio 32 where i will continue to work on both of my illustrations and illustrated ceramics during this  summer residency…. it is a time of testing myself to see what challenges exist in working with the public on a day to day basis and will give me some opportunity of experience  selling my work and receive feedback from a different audience of spectators and possible clients. i hope you will be able to come and visit and see some of my work  and understand a bit more about my creative thought and process.




Del Ray Artisans Holiday Market

My first small show at the Holiday Market on December 20-21-22, 2013
at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria, VA.Come to the reception at 6pm on friday the 20th.