drawing in motion…..a different direction


it has been sometime since my last blog entry at the end of last year.  my focus was on a couple of projects and a competition for a visiting artist programs….if all goes well with the jury I might have some good news to share in the not too distant future.

after the holiday sales and season, i needed a break to to the usual ceramic process and pointed myself towards another creative direction: illustration. it began as a series of sketches called” drawings in motion” drawings done while using public transport like the bus or metro…..logging the mileage from start to finish of each drawing as to time to compose a drawing by the distance travelled.   it is an interesting exercise in control where you can note the lack to a tight illustration due to a sudden movement or motion that is incontrollable…. the illustrated series is dedicated to a series of steampunk animals in battle gear with hidden meanings nestled between the fine lines of ink. i do this while others are lost in their smart phones as i continue to observe them and draw…..

(Below) you can see some single sketches of the series which is still a work in progress. but just a glimpse to give you an idea of my creative process. from these sketches i will re-elaborate to transform them onto a new series of decorative ceramics in some manner. right now i am not sure how the illustrations will effect the shapes or forms when painted on ceramics but i have some ideas which i am still toying around with. i’ll keep you all posted as soon as things evolve……..


packaging and reducing your carbon footprint



sometime when i have finished my ceramic work and am preparing for a show of small objects, i start to search for old boxes to recycle which i can source from friends and family to make custom fitting boxes for my wares. some might think that it is a waste of time, but personally i prefer to re-use and re-purpose cardboard boxes to make custom, low tech packaging for my ceramics in order to store them properly and moving them to and fro from shows. it reduces my carbon footprint for things that otherwise would go into to the landfill.  think about it. making patterns for custom boxes is relatively simple. allow about an inch to width,length and height then cut, score and tape together.

carbon footprint blog

(above ) a picture of part of the display of my first show in the US since returning stateside, where i use the packaging to form different cardboard pedestals for my work in order to create more separate space so customers or potential buyers could concentrate on each piece while searching for the right piece to buy.  the show went well, although tiring to set up and sell. i made some new acquaintances and was able to greet some of my friends and fellow potters. as an artist community, we all need to support each other regardless the medium or style….mutual creative input help the artistic network to grow stronger as a community by providing handmade poetic pieces for this industrial world.

Del Ray Artisans Holiday Market

My first small show at the Holiday Market on December 20-21-22, 2013
at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery in Alexandria, VA.Come to the reception at 6pm on friday the 20th.