from ceramics to sewing

working on the second sail project 1

every now and then, when I feel a lack of inspiration with the things that i do with my ceramics, i shift mediums and concentrate on a different direction : sewing , which has a whole different set of restrictions and rules to follow and  continue on a project that is a never ending, ongoing adventure that I started on a whim.  an italian friend and skipper asked me to come up with an idea for the sails of his sailboat when they were changed and in state of dis-use. the” second sail project” was born . a little over 3 years ago, and has been continuing ever since. (above) is a picture of a new sail acquired from a fellow artist that i unwrapped and slowly started to cut up and make a new series of useful up-cycled materials, sails ,tarps and other nylons and straps used on boats and in shipping. the concept was a series of guy-inspired accessories that were durable and handmade . i have started a series of tote bags and shoppers and some new smaller accessories with a maritime style with the use of these nautical materials.  this project is very close to my heart trying to reduce my carbon footprint and up-cycle as much as possible to make new products that can sustain the wind, rain and wear and tear of my hauling around everything from artist materials to my weekly groceries.  art does not always have to be creative but sometimes can be  functional. products used everyday making me feel good about myself by sharing a concept of up-cycling products that are no longer used for their primary purposes. by re-inventing new ways to use all the materials and make them into new still-useful things for our common day to day existence. my aim is to make a small production for an upcoming show that i will doing in December 2015 with the Del Ray Artisans holiday market.  i will plan to launch these accessories. moderately priced under $60 durable products made by hand and well-made.  i hope this inspires other creative people to learn to search the web for new up-cycled materials to used for the creative re-purposing. (below) is a picture of the 35ft sail that i cut apart on the floor which had the biggest amount of space to lay out and decide the piece of choice material to utilize.

2nd sail pro 2

stay tuned for more posts on the new products i am making for the upcoming del ray artisans  show.

display simplicity and focus

studio 24 raku display

studio 24 mens accessories

after the end of my visiting artist residency at the torpedo factory art center , i thought that it was important to talk about the importance of display simplicity and design when putting your work into a retail style environment for art and hand made items and products. (above) are two photos of my work  to demonstrate the importance for artists to learn how to properly display their creative products and artistic endeavors for potential clients and customers to be able to focus on the work proposed by a zen style philosophy of “less is more” concept of display. in this fast paced techno world of ‘supply and demand’, there are key factors to consider. let the customer focus on the art and let them visually be able to understand the products before them. small signage helps understand the techniques of construction and explanation of the items on display. the diy eye sometimes is timid to ask prices and  prefers to explore the range of artistic works by themselves and price points of affordability.  it is always up to the consumer to decide what he/she can afford at a certain time and relies sometimes on the advice of the artist to help them decide by explaining the concepts of creation behind the work. it has been my experience in these two months of retail sales of my own work, that customers and admirers sometimes are less willing to spend if feeling pressured and ask what is behind the design or source of inspiration, this helps the customer feel more included in the creative process. life is full of choices especially when buying art and the creator needs to relax and be confident  of their work and observe which pieces attract different target groups of consumers from other artists or tourists on vacation to serious art lovers  to shopaholics….the world of art is sometimes a place where people who do not have that artistic inclination feel closer to understand the ideology behind each artist and feel more like creative consumers and in a small way help support the arts by simply buying pieces created by you or other artists.

think about a range that meets the price points of diverse target groups of consumers and try to provide something for everyone. this helps attract a diverse following of followers and admirers. at least this has been my experience at selling and creating my work at the torpedo factory art center as a visiting artist.

the new t-shirt has arrived

SP great dane

to all my followers ,  the new steam punk great dane t-shirts have finally arrived and wanted to post the pics to let people know  that they are available in studio #24 of the torpedo factory art center. the other rat t-shirt is being re-printed at the moment and will be ready in a couple of weeks. the rat-sters are after me to print more so i need to keep up with the simple rule of supply and demand. using my talents to sometimes focus on more commercial aspects of design while keeping a stricter control on the quality of the products, the printing process and working with other artisans to create something that helps build a stronger artistic identity for my own line of handmade products . as winter approaches , my plan is to do several designs in new colors and bolder prints as great gifts for the holiday season……