drawing in the early morning and other new things

sorry that i have not kept up with my blogging lately but have been working overtime in preparation of my summer residency at the torpedo factory art center this summer beginning in july and august 2015 and have so many little things to attend to with the upcoming gig. most of my sleepless nights are spent thinking about new things to try out and I am glad to say that shortly I will be collaborating with an online company to sell a commercial line to the artsy fartsy crowd of hipsters and art lovers on a budget…..many creative minds might not agree with a more commercial side to their creative endeavors but, as this technological world advances , we must use the tools of social media,and online stores to test new concepts in our work and reflect on the reactions of a new technological group of online consumers.  i hope to produce a small line of affordable art for this new hip company as we search out together new markets and concepts for my work via the internet and social media. when things are finalized with this new company i will provide a link to the online store where some of my selected work as well as other artists in different mediums. in the mean time, i wake up early and draw to soothe my creative soul  to try to keep my hands able and ready for the new designs that i am coming up with….when you draw, not every day is a good day and i find waking up early in the silence of the morning gives me a heads start to create and concentrate on my art.

stay tuned for more updates and sorry for the weblog silence.

pen&ink drawing "the studio"

the studio

helping others, helping ourselves

O street Installation

on some occasions, there are times when some of my artist friends call on me for help on installations and set ups in diverse spaces and galleries such as the one above at the o on h gallery in dc where i helped install a painter friend of mine, marsha staiger’s work for an upcoming show (marshastaiger.com), in this recently renovated space in a new and upcoming part of the district of columbia . it is important to be able to collaborate and hang shows with other artists to assist them with another set of eyes to make sure artwork is properly represented in different environments and spaces it increases a stronger sense of an artist community .  hoping that it will inspire each creative person to open themselves up to the opportunities to do set up and help other artists hang shows even if your experience is limited. in this way ,you can discover the diverse venues and  spaces where art is shown and meet other artists normally outside of your network.  artistic expression is diverse as the artists that create them. meeting other artists helps broaden the artistic network from gallery and business owners to artists and art lovers. we sometime do not know  if all locations and spaces that we look at are the right fit for our work,  through the networking system between artists and primarily through word of mouth. you can open the horizons to places and contacts  to show your work or at least come in contact with another part of the creative art market and the individuals that run them. new venues sometimes have technical restrictions set into them  like the work which we hung (above) , the restriction was that nothing could be nailed to the walls and the use of the hanging system had to be used for all pieces in the show. how we see our in different spaces sometimes has to be modified to fit in the technical requirements  of a show. while at the gallery  i was able to meet a couple of the other artists as well as the show organizer of the upcoming show .  the space is fantastic. just another place and space to put in my address book for future reference. be open to giving yourself new opportunities to meet and discover places where your work can be shown. increasing the eye traffic on your art.

cocooning without the WEB


assemblage : the creative energies

assemblage : the creative energies

i know that it has been some time since my last posting and a lot of things have been happening since my summer residency at the Torpedo Factory Art Center(http://torpedofactory.org). the most important fact was that after the residency program ended, i needed to cocoon(see glossary) a bit and take the time to work in my new space organizing my studio and home life which i sort of put off on the back burner during my residency. i am cocooning in a new space which is close to the place where i teach classes and trying to get the feel of the new space. the most challenging aspect of the new space is that it is completely withOUT internet and i have had to make many adjustments to learn how to work within a space where the web is not as accessible, besides the smartphone to receive emails or telephone calls until now.  finally, after some time i have found a way to utilize the web and wifi when at work or in the cafes of the area.  living and working at home (cocooning) withOUT the web is sort of refreshing and takes me back to the days when technology did not have such a hold on the artist’s mind and we could focus more on the creativity from within  without regards to what happened on the world wide web.

now there are many new ways to visualize your artistic endeavors through social media.
i guess you could consider me “old school” where i like to keep a delicate balance between the artistic side of my work and the use of modern technology to promote it.
i have been doing a couple of juried shows and working on some new project both online and off. welcome me back to the web world of bloggers and artists at heart and geeks. sometime, we all need to step back and cocoon a bit to understand what is really important to us and focus, before continuing on the road or direction which we have chosen. i am getting back into the groove of posting more often…..