Sage Advice to Inspire and Create

I spoke to a young couple, today, in my studio, that asked various information about the place where I work and possibilities and manner of jurying and residency programs and other possibilities in the Industry. This conversation, I have many times with many visitors, where for the most part are sincere but, sometimes all too often, I hear that phrase,“Oh I can do that!”. It comes with the territory, when work in front of the public. It is a fact, that with the advancement of technology. There are a lot of people, that think that they can do the same things that many artist do because of DIY videos, and other platforms for digital storyboards and workshops. That they can do the job that I have chosen to do.

It is part of the problem with all the mediocre stuff out there, today. There are many that are tech-sauvy individuals, but because of technology, there is new majority of a growing groups of crafters, weekend-artists and Yes, frustrated people that need an outlet to their creativity.

Well, those of you out there that pertain to any of these group, take the following advice:

  1. Seek out the information from those(artists) in your line of creativity and speak to them about how they got where they are Today.
  2. Learn that the business of art has changed and always continues to evolves.
  3. Participate in a series of workshops, residencies and Jury processes to know what is expected of you and what is thought about your creative expression. 
  4. Put your ego and thin skin on HOLD, and listen to constructive criticism of your work, and learn to work on how to make it better, more up-to-date, or sometimes, change of directions.
  5. With the business of Art, there’s a lot of sacrifice and work to make ends meet,  just to be able to create, sometimes for no financial rewards.
  6. Most Important, Be honest with your skills and capacity as a creative individual. There will always be someone out there, that will be better than you. Concentrate on the aspects that you are lacking to grow into a well-rounded creative spirit.

A more, well-rounded artist/business-minded person has to be aware that the mores of the art world and the art/business worlds are vastly different. You can have an online store. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can sell.

Brutal Honesty with yourself and your capacity will be the only way to know if you’ve got what it takes.

I try to encourage as many people seeking this sage advice, and frankly, I know, because I have been down this road. With odd jobs, teaching, and other gigs in order to do what it takes. And, it has taken me this far that I can write about it and share the advice and experience.

There are “many” that just talk , but few that will choose this difficult path of the artist. It ,depends on your perspective, different points of views, open-ness to criticism and focus most of all. Many want my job, because they think its cool…. Try it, and learn that it isn’t as easy as it might seem…..

We as artists need to inspire the curious, respect the creative forces out there, in order to, become a Creative Force of Creators and Community. Think about it and let me know what you think.


(above) A cropped version of my best selling postcard and a marketing tool to know what people are attracted to and what they think about my creative expression. Till my next entry…..

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