The Dark Series


black on black rake box

Since my last post, I have been immersed in a busy teaching schedule, one of the side lines of work to help keep me in touch with others to inspire and stimulate so each one of those individuals may learn a bit more and start to create a part of their lives whether they draw,sew or throw ceramics or what ever they puts their minds to.

It is important to stimulate the soul sometimes, especially times like these, when it is better to leave the technology behind for a while and concentrate on a creative task to learn  something and use our emotions to help create. In other words, Turn your emotions into artistic expression. This is the catalyst for the work that I am doing now for A Holiday Season show. I am more content to slave away in my studio after hours to create something that has been drawn out of my emotions : a dark and black on black series of new works to express my feelings of late.

I do not know where this desire came from, but I am trying to channel the energy to work in a bit of a different direction. Less of what is expected of me…. where the making and creating is gratification enough, made a couple of prototypes of things that i have in the works, and some patrons came and bought them right away. Good sign in these trying times.

In my new space, I have met many interesting people and patrons and hope that this surprising twist to my work might take some people by surprise. Dark and a bit daring, to fit my mood which lately has been very dark and moody…

Stay tuned for new Works from the DARK Series for the Holidays…

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