visiting artist program summer 2014

assemblage of many medias to help stimulate the creative energy


well everybody, it is official, i have been accepted into the visiting artist residency for the the summer 2014 at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in their Visiting Artist Program ( and i am trying to get inspired and motivated for the challenge set before me……the picture that i have put on this blog entry is from my photo archive which hung in my studio home in italy (now memories of the past) which is a collage of images from my photographer friends ,in the midst of some pieces of my ceramics and illustration sketches as well a assemblage of stickers,magazine pages and memorabilia which help me get inspired….

i hope that you will come and visit me this summer at the Torpedo Factory where for the month of june 2014 , i will be on the 3rd floor in the studio of a fiber artist in studio 329 and during july and august 2014  will be on the ground floor in  the studio of a sculptor in studio 32 where i will continue to work on both of my illustrations and illustrated ceramics during this  summer residency…. it is a time of testing myself to see what challenges exist in working with the public on a day to day basis and will give me some opportunity of experience  selling my work and receive feedback from a different audience of spectators and possible clients. i hope you will be able to come and visit and see some of my work  and understand a bit more about my creative thought and process.




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